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Review of online contests2win site

Friday, 13 April, 2007

Till date i have won 7-8 prizes from contests2win.com just playing contests daily ! Many many thanks to contests2win team. I play all
contests daily and my favourite contests are Polls2win, Stirred, Kya Bolti Tu, Jodi No1 , Cricket Face Off and K3B. My Request to contests2win team is that please put more and more contests like Jodi No1 , Cricket Face Off and K3B. All my friends and family members like to play contests on contests2win.com. I have won I-Pod, Movie Tickets, CDs and play station as well from contests2win! Playing every contests on regular basis we get points and at end of six months we can reedeem thease points with prizes. It’s one of my favourite section on contets2win web site. Just Playing Jodi No1 daily any one can make 500 to 1000 points daily it’s really simple. I love to play jodi no 1 , K3b and cricket face offf daily on contets2win.com. K3b is again is nice one here u can win daily prizes just putting minimum bid to any prize.

Best of luck !

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Review of Zapak Gaming site....

Well i must congratulate the zapak guys ...they really have put up a great website for the indian gaming market ....

Also their content is good plus they do update it with a new game everyday ....so that one doesnt get bored .....

plus they have kept in mind the difficulty for the new gamers ....keeping the games simpler so that they can enjoy it too ....

Also providing a mail , user video , girls section etc....is quite unusual and rocking ....there are hardly ny websites providing all these features ...

Best thing they come up with lots of contests regulalrly for users to win free stuff and cash even.

Although one thing i found missing is a messenger ....that wud help all fellow zapak gamersd to have a chat and good time . Also the forums are a bit dull ...there are hardly any active memebers in there ...

Also they shud be having something in store for the regular gamers as in some god games and popular titles coz regualar gamers will not be satisfied with flash games always ...they ned more then that

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A posite review on Naukri Job Portal

Among all leading Job portals who claim to be number 1, naukri.com is undoubtly ahead of all. You have different search criterias, you can search a job by Location, experience, Keywords and it easily extracts what you are looking for. I have had good experience. in my 4 years of experience i have received 90% of calls through Naukri.com only. I believe it gives you oppurtunity to search your dream job. I will rate it a good Job portal.
I have been using this right from beginning of my Prefessional carrer, and i have recommended this to all my friends also. Atleast you start getting job calls and you can get to know your market value.

There are many other job portals also available but Naukri gives you best search options. It is very famous among consultants all over, so the chance of your resume viewing increases a lot.

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A Positve Review of Monster job Portal

I have been a regular to these jobsites. Infact I want to ask who is not? It pays to check these sites regulary to understand and keep a tab on what’s hot and happening in the job market, particularly in your feild. Monsterindia.com, Monster.com’s India website is changed and looks like the team has put in lot of efforts to make this website (vis a vis the old website). Now everything is simple and a special mention has to be made of the search. It has become sharper and I am sure is one of the best.

Once I heard that the website has changed, I went to the site and changed my resume (as per the site you have to keep updating the site so that your resume comes on top of the employer searches) and trust me I have been getting calls from consultants and companies almost everyday. Ofcourse few of the mails which I receive are not useful, however I feel you all should try and update your resume to experience the feeling of being chased for a Job.

Enjoy Monster...

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