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The Internet is getting boring!

Wednesday, 25 April, 2007

Yes.. It's true. Internet doesn't just keep me interested any more. It just struck me. I just came back from dinner and thought of surfing the net for some time. Then I realised... I don't know which site to surf! I ran out of topics to read in Wikipedia..
I stopped using orkut regularly because that's too boring.. I stopped visiting discussion boards and forums some time ago when I tired of that too.
Come on think of it.. Now Internet is not a form of entertainment for me. It's just like a utility. I just check my mails everyday and blog.
Earlier i chatted 4 hours now rarely
It was different before when many new sites used to come up with many new innovative applications. The last such thing I discovered was orkut, and that was a year ago.
If you have anything interesting in mind, just drop a comment and let me know!

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posted by Shiva Shankar, 11:15 AM


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