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Wednesday, 25 April, 2007

Yeah yeah... I finally decided to write again... There comes a time in most bloggers lives when you can't think of anything to write.. You are just too bored.. You finally realise that there are only a handful of people reading your blog and its a waste of time to write something for just a couple of guys. Its not going to make a big difference if you just stop writing.. its like the times when you wonder if its going to make any difference to the people around you if you just disappear from the face of the earth..

Thankfully, this is not the case with me. I am still interested in writing(and reading) blogs. Which is why I still go around reading my friends blogs and post comments. But writing is something which I haven't been able to do for the last couple of weeks... (okay.. months!). Don't ask for a reason.. I am not very sure myself.

Infact for the past few weeks, I haven't been able to do anything. I didn't submit most of my assignments. I didn't write my practical records. I just read a couple of pages of my math textbook for preparing for my internals tomorrow. Maybe it has something to do with the hot weather. Its hard to describe it.. Something like comfortably numb, as in pink floyd's classic song. I am relaxed and content by just sleeping and not doing anything. This sort of thing happens in the middle of every semester. I just get tired of going to college. I get tired of doing assignments. I get tired of getting up in the morning. I get tired of hostel food. I don't blog and just use the internet to check my scraps in orkut. To sum it up, I get tired with life!

And then, all of a sudden, your class teacher calls you and says you have attendance shortage. That changes everything. You have to get up in the morning every day. Before T2, you realise there are just 2 more tests left so you gotta study to get a decent average. And since you have to sleep early and get up early to attend classes, you don't get at odd times throughout the day.. and you don't get tired and bored by sleeping too much. And then you start blogging again.
So hopefully I will start posting regularly from now. But I am planning to close my other blogs and just post here.
Anyways, I mentioned orkut somewhere in this post before. I just realised what a big waste of time it is. Most of my friends are hooked on to it. And for no reason. You just scrap all your friends who you already know. And if you care enough to scrap someone who you don't meet regularly, you should probably keep in touch with that person through the phone or something. Ultimately the aim of orkut is that you can meet new people and make new friends. And of all the friends I know, no one has even bothered to meet someone new.. Not interested.. Ofcourse, you hear about people meeting their life partners and getting jobs from orkut.. but you don't need that right now, then whats the point? And how often does that happen anyways? One in a million I guess... And doing all this offline is more effective and reliable. Just makes me wonder why orkut is so addictive and everyone is hooked on to it. From now on, I am planning to limit myself to checking scraps every weekend. I won't bother visiting communities anymore.. In any care, most of the people there are narrow minded and just keep arguing about the same thing over and over again... its kinda tiring to discuss and talk with people like these. So thats it... I am going to use the internet(and my time) on more useful things from now on!

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posted by Shiva Shankar, 11:21 AM


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