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Feisty Fawn 7.04.. still won't work!

Wednesday, 25 April, 2007

I just spent 2 days of my Internet time downloading the image of Feisty Fawn, the latest version of Ubuntu. I thought its better than waiting for the cd to be delivered and you save Canonical a couple of bucks in shipping! By the way, they are going to ship the new version of Ubuntu to those who request it, unlike 6.10.
Throughout these 2 days, I was praying that the new OS will work with my graphics card enabled on my motherboard... and guess what happened when I tried to run the live distro.. It got hanged as usual! I think I am right in saying that there is no Linux distro which works with my motherboard with an AGP card. I have tried Red Hat(and fedora core), Ubuntu, SuSe and Mandriva.. and nothing worked. I didn't bother trying Debian.. I guess if Ubuntu doesn't work, Debian won't (Ubuntu is basically a customized Debian distribution)
Its really strange.. Maybe all the Linux programmers in the world thought it wasn't worth their time by making this particular motherboard (Asrock i865gv) work with Linux when it has a graphics card plugged in.
Then again, its a pretty old chipset model. Even low end computers come with atleast a 915 chipset motherboard.. or maybe that is also too old.. 945 then.
Its sad... I actually like Ubuntu a lot.. the neat interface, the looks, the usability won my heart when I first installed it. That was before I got my graphics card. Come to think of it, I really don't need my external graphics card to work in Ubuntu. I won't be able to run the XGL interface or any of those translucent effects.. but I can live without that. That's not the reason why I want Ubuntu. But I bought my graphics card with my own hard earned money! Okay.. not exactly hard earned.. It was pocket money from dad.. but I saved up cash for ages to buy it! It would be a waste if I didn't use it. I play games now and then.. its not like I am hooked on to it.. and if I had to, I guess I could live without them. And I wouldn't mind if the onboard graphics takes 64mb of my 1gb of RAM. But the fact that I have an external card which I bought with my own money prevents me from doing this.
I guess I have wait till I get my new laptop.. which will be next year as promised by my dad. And I have promised myself I won't spend any cash upgrading my desktop computer. So no Linux for a year!
PS: Incase you were wondering, I hate virtualisation software, so don't bother asking me to try Linux on a virtual machine. I will explain this hatred later.


posted by Shiva Shankar, 11:18 AM


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