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Beijing Fishing in INDIAN Waters ?

Thursday, 26 April, 2007

Seychelles a tiny island group is now one of the most talked
news in INDIA. Why so ?

Read On:2007-1-30
Beijing: President Hu Jintao has announced his plan on an eight nation tour to Africa.He would be visiting West Africa's Cameroon then Liberia, then to Sudan in the east,Zambia,Namibia,South Africa,Mozambique and Seychelles.
Seychelles a tiny island nation in the Western part of Indian Ocean consisting of 115 islands and a population of as low as 85,000 people.
So why is this Island in the high profile list of Beijing?Its Certain that Mr. Hu Jintao is not visiting there for a massage or a good vacation.
His visit clearly reveals the growing Chinese Naval Interest in theINDIAN Ocean.This doesn't come as a big surprise to New Delhi as this wasn't the first time the Chinese were showing such an interest. A couple of years ago India successfully halted a possible Navy assistance form China to Seychelles byoffering “INS Tarmugli” at a timely manner and thus avoided what could have caused a serious power imbalance in the Indian Ocean in the future.

Current Situation:
China is actively indulging with Islands like Sri Lanka, Maldives,Mauritius and Madagascar in order to establish its maritime presence in theIndian Ocean.
If China becomes successful in establishing maritime supremacy in Indian Ocean, it will be able to prevent India's freedom of movement in its own water.

Such a maritime sphere of influence will give Beijing options for exercising its power as it sees fit, and thus causing serious power imbalances in the region.

My Views: Time For India to Act Fast to Secure its ocean from the Chinese.
The Only Ocean in the World that is named after a country and its people is the INDIAN Ocean and it rightfully belongs to the INDIANS.
Terms Used:INS Tarmugli:An Indian Naval War Ship

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