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Why is Russia reluctant towards the Sale of Brahmos ?

Thursday, 26 April, 2007

BRAHMOS is a Supersonic Cruise Missile that can be launched from submarine, ship, aircraft and land based Mobile Autonomous Launchers (MAL). Its a highly Lethal Sate of the Art Missile with Superior technology.
Primarily BRAHMOS is an anti-ship missile. It has the capability to engage land based targets also. The missile can be launched either in vertical or inclined position and will cover 360 degrees

Some of the Features include:
  • High Supersonic Velocity
  • Long flight range with supersonic speed all through the flight
  • Varieties of flight trajectories
  • "Fire & Forget" principle
  • Universal for multiple platforms
  • Low Radar Signature
  • Simplicity of technical operations
  • High lethal power
  • Higher effectiveness
  • Higher destructive capability aided by the large kinetic energy of impact
  • Shorter flight times leading to lower target dispersion and quicker engagement

Superiority of the BRAHMOS Supersonic Anti-ship Missile over a Subsonic Long Range Anti-ship Missile :

  • In Velocity by 3 times
  • In flight range by 2.5 - 3 times
  • In seeker range by 3 - 4 times

Russia not so keen on selling Brahmos to other countries ?

Sunday,Jan 21 Banglore/Moscow: Ahead of President Vladimir Putin's arrival (on the Republic Day of INDIA), A top Russian Defence Official commented

"This is a very lethal and potent weapon system (the Brahmos Missiles), which can upset balance of forces in an region where it may appear, be it in our neighborhood.Indian Ocean or Latin America"

Colonel. General Antoly Mazurkevich said,

"We are not keen on giving it to other countries, be it China or any other friendly nation"

Colonel. General Antoly Mazurkevich is the head of International Cooperation Department of the Russian Defence Ministry.

So What Makes Brahmos so Dangerous ?

Though India's aggressive marketing tactics of powerful defence weapons can be cited as one reason, the main reason for Russia's reluctance is because the Brahmos Missile is a very powerful highly lethal Missile with a high range capacity but currently it has been bottle necked to a range of 300km adhering the MCTR (Missile Technology Control Regime) .

But this range of 300km can be extended further illegally which may cause Disastrous results.

"We are not worried about it as we have nuclear weapons but this (illegal extension of range) may pose threat not only to India but also to our other friends and allies"

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